Virtual Reality

Albert Naquin, Traditional Chief of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw

Experiencing the VR lessons created about his ancestral Island, Isle de Jean Charles. 

Dr. Aguillard, Superintendent, Lafayette Parish School System

Experiencing the lesson on renewable and nonrenewable energy

8th Grade Student at Broussard Middle School

Experiencing the Land Loss immersive lesson created about Isle de Jean Charles.

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Why is virtual reality in the classroom important?


The diversity of learners within education is neither linear nor constant.  Educators are challenged to be responsive and understanding when encouraging learners to construct meaning while adhering to stringent standards. By integrating oral histories onto a virtual reality (VR) platform, students can learn within an authentic educational environment where lessons allow students to not only interact with multiple first person perspectives, but also experience learning with 360-degree videos in a VR world. 

Video: Land Loss VR Lesson

Virtual reality lesson on land loss. Filmed with 360-degree video on Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana.

Video: Renewable and Nonrenewable VR Lesson

Virtual reality lesson on renewable and non renewable resources. Filmed with a drone and 360-degree video near Delacroix Island, Louisiana.